August. 21, 2023
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Title: “Lost in Translation”

Genre: Drama/romance

“Lost in Translation” follows the journey of two individuals from different cultural backgrounds who meet unexpectedly in a foreign country. As they struggle to communicate, they find solace and connection in their shared experiences of being lost in translation.

Act 1:
– Introduce the two main characters, Sarah and Hiroshi, who are both traveling to a foreign country for different reasons.
– Sarah is an American writer who is in the country to find inspiration for her new novel.
– Hiroshi is a Japanese businessman who is visiting for a conference.

Act 2:
– Sarah and Hiroshi meet in a crowded market and strike up a conversation, although they don’t understand each other’s language.
– They decide to explore the city together, trying to communicate through gestures, expressions, and a translation app on their phones.
– As they spend more time together, they discover their shared feelings of loneliness and struggle with cultural differences.
– Despite the language barrier, they begin to develop a deep connection and understanding of each other.

Act 3:
– As their time in the country nears its end, Sarah and Hiroshi must confront the reality that they come from different worlds and will soon have to part ways.
– They decide to make the most of their remaining days together, creating unforgettable memories through shared experiences and adventures.
– Through these experiences, they learn that love and connection can transcend language barriers.
– On the day of their departure, they exchange heartfelt goodbyes, promising to keep the memories of their time together forever.

Act 4:
– Back in their respective countries, Sarah and Hiroshi struggle to adapt to their normal lives, haunted by the memories

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