Hương Tình Yêu

Hương Tình Yêu

I Feel You Linger in the Air (2023) September. 10, 2023 Thái Lan 60 phút/tập
(Full 12/12)HD Vietsub
10 1 đánh giá

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Title: I Feel You Linger in the Air (Hương Tình Yêu)

Genre: Romantic Drama

“I Feel You Linger in the Air” is a heartfelt romantic drama set in the year 2023. The film follows the journey of two individuals, Huy and Mai, who find themselves drawn together by fate.

Huy, a talented but introverted photographer, is still healing from the wounds of a past heartbreak. He has isolated himself from the world, finding solace only behind the lens of his camera. His passion lies in capturing the beauty of everyday life, hoping to convey the emotions that often go unnoticed.

Mai, on the other hand, is a free-spirited dancer with a zest for life. She loves to explore new places, meet new people, and is always seeking meaningful connections. Despite her outgoing nature, Mai hides her own insecurities and fears of being hurt again.

Their paths cross one fateful day when Huy is assigned to photograph a dance performance featuring Mai. As Huy captures Mai’s graceful movements, he is captivated by her energy and the emotions she evokes. Intrigued by the connection he feels, Huy approaches Mai, sparking a unique and beautiful friendship.

As their bond strengthens, Huy begins to open up about his past, revealing his fear of love and vulnerability. Mai, in turn, shares her own struggles and encourages Huy to confront his emotional barriers. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and the power of true connection.

However, their newfound happiness is tested when Huy receives an opportunity to showcase his photography internationally. Faced with the choice of pursuing his dreams or staying with Mai, H

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