Người Que

Người Que

Cop Adam (2022) February. 21, 2023 Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ 2h30p/tập
Tập 30HD Vietsub
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Title: Người Que – Cop Adam (2022)

Người Que – Cop Adam is an action-packed comedy film that combines elements of humor and suspense. Set in a vibrant and diverse city, the movie takes audiences on a thrilling journey alongside our main character, Adam, as he navigates the challenges of being a unique and quirky cop. With a blend of lighthearted comedy, intense action sequences, and an unpredictable plot, Người Que – Cop Adam promises an entertaining and unforgettable cinematic experience.

Adam, a lovable yet unconventional police officer, is unexpectedly promoted to a dangerous division of the police force. With his distinctive appearance as a “que” (a small cylinder-shaped creature with a comical face), he faces skepticism and doubt from his colleagues. Determined to prove his worth, Adam takes on a high-profile case that involves a notorious crime syndicate wreaking havoc in the city.

As Adam delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers a sinister plot orchestrated by the syndicate’s leader, Mr. X. With his humorous and quick-witted personality, Adam teams up with his loyal partner, Detective Lily, to outsmart the criminals and bring them to justice. Along the way, they encounter

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